Soli Deo Gloria


“Paul saw something in Jesus Christ, something that made him willing to give up everything in order to know Him. He saw that Jesus is more valuable than money or education or health or ease or fame or fortune or reputation. And because he saw this, he did not think himself shortchanged in any way by gaining Christ and losing everything else.

The mid-twentieth century martyr, Jim Elliot, was thinking the same thing when he wrote, ‘He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep in order to gain what he cannot lose.’

In our self-centered, entertainment driven, modern American culture we desperately need to recover this vision of the greatness and glory of God in Jesus Christ. As we do, and as we contemplate what it means to know God through Christ, we will inevitably begin pursuing His glory by making it our aim to demonstrate His great worth in every area of our lives.” (Tom Ascol)

For more on the subject, visit Founders Ministries.


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