Federal Union with Christ


“Adam had been established by God as a representative or federal head of the human race. He was to stand for us so that, if he continued in righteousness, we would also be considered as having continued in righteousness in him. But if he fell by transgressing God’s command, we would be considered as having sinned in him-and his judgment, death, would pass to us. Adam did sin, and that is what happened. Death passed upon the race. It is proof that God considered us to have been in Adam and to have fallen by his transgression.

By contrast, Jesus stood firm, not merely demonstrating a practical and perfect righteousness in His own life but also dying for those who would be united to Him by faith. Thus, those judged sinners because of Adam’s sin are now judged righteous because of Christ’s righteousness. Because He is justified, we are justified. Because He is raised, we are raised. Because He is exalted to heaven, we too are exalted to heaven. As Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father in glory, so also are we seated.” (James Montgomery Boice)

For more on this subject, please visit the Systematic Theology page.

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