The Resurrection and the Life


“Christ is the resurrection of the declarative glory of God in this lower world… God’s declarative glory was marred by man’s sin: His essential glory cannot be marred by men nor devils, let them do their utmost; but, I say, His declarative glory was marred. When man sinned, he threw off God as his Sovereign… He swore allegiance to hell, in opposition to God, the glory of His justice and holiness, and all His perfections, particularly His truth. All these perfections of God were sullied and stained; there was a blot cast upon them, as far as man was able. Well, but Christ came to wipe away the dust that was cast upon them by man; and, accordingly, He raises them to a greater splendor than if man had not sinned.” (Ebenezer Erskine)

For more on this subject, please visit the Systematic Theology page.


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