“Christianity and Liberalism” by J. Gresham Machen [PDF]

“Why Good Arguments Often Fail” by James W. Sire

“Truth and the New Kind of Christian” by R. Scott Smith

“A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Islam” by Patrick Sookhdeo

“Consequences of Ideas” by R.C. Sproul

“Tearing Down Strongholds” by R.C. Sproul

“Classical Apologetics” by R.C. Sproul, John Gerstner and Arthur Lindsley

“Christian Apologetics” by Cornelius Van Til

“Christian–Theistic Evidences” by Cornelius Van Til

“Christianity and Barthianism” by Cornelius Van Til

“Christianity and Idealism” by Cornelius Van Til

“Christianity in Conflict” by Cornelius Van Til

“The Defense of the Faith” by Cornelius Van Til

“Intellectual Challenge of the Gospel” by Cornelius Van Til

“The New Modernism” by Cornelius Van Til

“Psychology of Religion” by Cornelius Van Til

“The Reformed Pastor and Modern Thought” by Cornelius Van Til

“Towards a Reformed Apologetics” by Cornelius Van Til

“Above All Earthly Pow’rs” by David F. Wells

“God in the Wasteland” by David F. Wells

“Losing Our Virtue” by David F. Wells

“No Place For Truth” David F. Wells

“Creation Regained” by Albert Wolters

“The God I Don’t Understand” by Christopher J.H. Wright


Revelation, Speculation, and Science by Greg Bahnsen

Tools of Apologetics  by Greg Bahnsen

Atheism by Gordon H. Clark

The Bible as Truth by Gordon H. Clark

The Cosmological Argument by Gordon H. Clark

Determinism and Responsibility by Gordon H. Clark

The Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards

Is Natural Revelation Sufficient to Govern Culture? by John Frame

The Nature of Apostasy by John Owen

Apologetics by B.B. Warfield

Inspiration and Criticism by B.B. Warfield

Modern Theories of the Atonement by B.B. Warfield

Mysticism and Christianity by B.B. Warfield

The Twentieth-Century Christ by B.B. Warfield

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