Tuesday with Tripp


“With all the glory and power of the public preaching of the Word, I am convinced that, too often, something is missing. A significant part of God’s plan for the proclamation of the Word lacks the prominence that it should have in the public moment of exposition. This remarkable weekly moment of truth declaration must be shaped by a recognition of the church’s call to both a public and private ministry of the Word. Good preaching should create a community of counselors.” (Paul Tripp)

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Trinity Tuesday


“Not only is the ministry of the Son grounded in the love and commission of the Father, the ministry of Jesus’ followers is grounded in the love and commission of Jesus. What is more, by virtue of Jesus’ close relationship with both the Father on the one hand and the Spirit on the other, believers’ ministry is rooted also in the unity of Father, Son, and Spirit among one another. This does not obliterate all distinctions of role or authority. Just as Jesus is the Son who does the bidding of the Father who sent him, so his followers are to pursue their mission in total dependence on the Son and under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In the end, Father, Son, and Spirit are shown to provide redemption and revelation to a community that is itself sent on a redemptive and revelatory mission.” (Andreas Köstenberger)

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