The Biblical Doctrine of the Family


“Churches committed to ‘church growth’ are often tempted to ignore family ministry. It seems easier to minister to rootless individuals as individuals and to push the children aside as distractions. But that mentality is short-sighted in my view. Besides neglecting important biblical priorities, it loses one substantial opportunity for church growth. Many families today are hungry for counsel. Having bought into the dominant modern thinking, and having seen its failure, they are looking for something better. They watch with broken hearts as their children are eaten alive spiritually by the public schools, the media, the peer-pressure. To these the message of Christ can come as the best news imaginable. Churches that minister effectively to families and children often experience substantial growth as more and more families seek their help.” (John Frame)

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Is the Bible Inerrant?


“The church has historically confessed that Scripture is the Word of God. It is God speaking to us. There are also human authors of Scripture, and the content of Scripture reflects their personalities, styles, and experiences. But the humanity of Scripture does not mean that Scripture has less authority than, say, the divine voice at Mount Sinai. The authority of Scripture is nothing less than the authority of God himself… ‘Inerrant’ simply means ‘without error,’ or ‘true’ in the sense that we normally speak of true sentences, true doctrines, true accounts, true principles. Were God to speak to us in person, ‘directly,’ none of us would dare to charge him with error. Errors arise from ignorance or deceit; and our God is neither ignorant, nor is he a deceiver. Similarly, we dare not charge his written Word with error.” (John Frame)

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