David F. Wells 4-Volume Kindle Deal

Right now, Eerdmans Publishing has an incredible deal on the last 3 volumes of David F. Wells‘ profoundly critical examination of American Evangelicalism, as well as the follow-up summary on reclaiming classical Protestantism.

Each volume is only $2.99 for Amazon Kindle.

Click the images below and be sure to purchase these before the end of May!

Wednesday with Warfield



“The religion of the Bible thus announces itself, not as the product of men’s search after God, if haply they may feel after Him and find Him, but as the creation in men of the gracious God, forming a people for Himself, that they may show forth His praise. In other words, the religion of the Bible presents itself as distinctively a revealed religion. Or rather, to speak more exactly, it announces itself as the revealed religion, as the only revealed religion; and sets itself as such over against all other religions, which are represented as all products, in a sense in which it is not, of the art and device of man.” (B.B. Warfield)

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